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I decided to write a blog about my travel across Japan. My sister and I decided to go to Japan for three months and research the country a little bit. Since this page is related to my Digimon Website, there will be a lot of Digimon content – since my plan is to write a little bit about the locations we can see in the Digimon franchise. If that’s why you are here, feel free to look around!

"Let us be lovely
And let us be kind,
Let us be silly and free.
It won't make us famous,
It won't make us rich,
But damnit how HAPPY we'll be."
- Edward Monkton

One of my favourite Digimon character's song, enjoy:
Toshiko Fujita (Tai) - Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (勇気を翼にして):

♡ ♡ ♡

Guilmon brot!
Tuesday 16 June 2020 @ June 16, 2020
When corona started and we all had to stay at home I decided to watch all the Digimon seasons - mostly because I didn't watch the 5th, 6th and the 7th season and I wanted to see what I was missing (I highly recommend the 7th season - appmon - I know ... at first I hated the name too). After watching all the new seasons I started rewatching Digimon Tamers. In 44th episode their parents made a meal for Takato, Rika and Henry and their Digimon partners to give them their support for fighting with D-reaper. Since Takato's parents own a bakery shop they created a Guilmon bread for Guilmon. And since I feel so creative lately I decided to try to make my own Guilmon bread.

This was my first time baking bread and it was super easy. All you need is 250g of flour, 20g of butter, 7g of salt/suggar, 1,5 dcl of milk, 10g of dry yeast and one egg. I just wanted to make one guilmon bread so I tried to use as few grams as I could. With this, you can make 2 guilmon breads and 3 normal buns.

First thing first, I melted the butter and mixed it together with sugar. In another cup I had 1,5dcl of warm milk which I mixed with 10g of dry yeast. In another bowl (I used so many dishes for this, happy cleaning) I only had 125g of flour and added milk with yeast and butter with suggar. Before mixing it add 7g of salt and one egg (I almost forget about salt and egg, oops). Since I don't have the mixing machine I was mixing it with a spoon for a few minutes. After a few minutes I added the rest (125g) of flour in the mix and tried to mix it with a spoon but the dough became really hard to mix so I put some flour on the table and kneaded the dough. I had to add some more flour since the dough was really sticky.

After creating the dough you leave it for one hour to rise. After one hour it's time to create the Guilmon's head shape. I created a stencil out of a bake paper (for his head and for the symbols he has on his face). I cut out the Guilmon's head and try to shape it to look like the Guilmon bread from the series. I created 2 Guilmon bread and on one I spread the egg on it and on the other one I didn't (the one with the egg was more beautiful so I used it for pictures). I used a toothpick to create a holes for his nose and dried cranberries for his eyes. The symbols were created with flour - I put the stencil I created on the head and "sprinkle" the flour on it. I waited for another 30 minutes so that the dough would rise as much as it could. After 30 minutes I put the bread in the oven for 20 minutes on 200°C. And voila, the bread is ready! Super easy and fun! It takes a bit more time since you have to wait for the dough to rise but the results are super cute. Pictures below.

Okay, that's it for today! I will continue watching Digimon Tamers and maybe I'll get another idea of what to make! ;) See you soon!

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Sewing a hoodie
Tuesday 9 June 2020 @ June 09, 2020
A long time ago I found a picture of Agumon dressed in Tai's hoodie online and someone actually sew the hoodie for his/her Agumon's plush. I decided to do the same before going to Japan since I have a small Agumon plush I could take to Japan with me and because I hurt my leg while playing badminton and it's raining outside all the time and I need to be more creative. ((I also have a small Lopmon plush who is also going there with me.)) 

For a start let me say I'm a real noob when it comes to sewing. My grandmother bought me a sewing machine a few years ago and I wanted to use it so much but I never really did. I had a few projects like this one (like sewing a pencil case or how to hem a pair of pants for my friend). I never actually sew a clothing. My grandmother loves to sew so every time I needed to know something I always asked her. This time I decided to do everything on "my own".

I went to a fabrics shop looking for a perfect fabric for the hoodie. They had so many so I was just standing there and wondering which fabric to take.   I googled a little bit and a lot of people mentioned to use a fabric made of cotton and polyester. So I took the fabric with the most similar colour I could find. The fabric I took it's not close to any hoodie fabric I have at home. I took a lot of fabric home, don't really know why - I was probably thinking I would f***** up so many times so better have as much fabric as I can ((FYI: I actually had to make everything twice, because I'm so new at this)).

Next step: pattern. I thought this part will be the easiest one but it wasn't. There are so many different patterns online so I couldn't choose. I was googling random stuff like "hoodie pattern/doll hoodie pattern/diy hoodie" ... and decided to use the easiest one. There was also a problem since I was making the hoodie for Agumon who has a bigger head than a doll/person would have. So everything I made was a little bit customised. I was looking at a pattern like this but changed the sizes a lot.

To put all parts together I was watching Melly Sews's video which helped me a lot! Check it out here! I made some changes - for example, Agumon's plush is so small so I didn't made the waistband and the cuffs. I just sew around it so it looks like I actually made it but it's just a stitch. And I also didn't put the front pocket on it because Tai's hoodie doesn't have it either - I was researching that hoodie a lot, haha.

While sewing it I had (obviously) a lot of problems since I didn't use the machine for so long. I didn't use it for so long that I had to google how to start it. At first I was thinking about sewing it by hand but decided to use the machine anyway. My stitches are not really straight but luckily you can't see them a lot to notice it. I also had a problem with the fabric, because at some points it's so thin that my machine sucked it up. That's the reason I had to create the front part of the hoodie twice. So if you decide to sew it too, be careful with the sewing. At first I thought it's gonna be easier since the hoodie is so small and you don't have to actually sew a lot. But since it's so small sometimes I didn't really see what I'm sewing together. In the end I just fixed some stitches by hand and put the red rope through the hoodie - I don't like the material of it so I will probably change it when I find the right material. ((update: I bought red shoelaces and switched the rope with them. They were 120cm long so I cut them and sew endings together - I think it looks better now, more hoodie like))

I also forgot to check the time when I started with it but telling by the pictures I would say I needed 2 hours for the hoodie. Not bad for a beginner (when searching for a pattern I saw a post about making a hoodie and it said "not suitable for beginners" so I was pretty scared of how it will all turn up.) - I'm actually pretty satisfied with the results! I made the hoodie a little bit too small so I had to use a lot of force to put Agumon in it so I guess he will have it on forever. And here are pictures of Agumon in a hoodie from anime and from "real life":

I really enjoyed making it (people who know me know how frustrated I can be when making something and it doesn't go as planned - trying to work on that too) and if you have any questions feel free to ask! Otherwise, see you soon!

To read more about it or to see more pictures, check my website! 

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Digimon Real Life Locations
Friday 5 June 2020 @ June 05, 2020
Okay, so this are my "Digimon preparation" before revisiting Japan. In 2017 I went to Japan for a month and I wanted to check as many Digimon real life location as I could but the problem was I wasn't prepared at all. I didn't even know what to look for (besides the basic locations as Fuji TV, Rainbow bridge ...). 

This year I had a lot of free time (because of corona) so I created a google maps document with Digimon real life locations (click here to check it out) and a document for Digimon Tamers real life locations (click here to check it out). The first link includes the first two seasons (and movies), Tri season and the new Digimon Adventure: reboot. I didn't find all of the locations but I found a lot of them - I live in Europe so the only way to find the locations is through the google maps.

From the first season (and everything connected to it) it's mostly Odaiba with a few locations around Odaiba. I watched Odaiba through the google maps so many times that I probably won't even need a map when arriving there. Besides Odaiba I made a research of Hikarigaoka - the place where DigiDestined lived in the first movie - before the first season. There are also a few places outside Tokyo that were shown in the seasons - for example Kyoto. I remember when I was in Kyoto and I knew that Yolei was visiting a temple there and we were searching for it but were too late and it was already closed. So we just made a few pictures of the temple's entrance.

Digimon Tamers locations are all around Tokyo Metropolitan Government building and Shinjuku central park. We visited the park already before but the only thing we found was Guilmon's secret home. So this time I put pins on the exact points where the locations should be located. So I hope this will help with the search. I remember when I went to the park the first time in 2017 and me and my sister were walking in it and some cute kid ran toward me and he stopped and showed me his insect cage full with bugs (I think he was collecting beetles) and I really didn't expect that so I just turned around and walked away (the bugs were terrifying). I knew this was a thing in Japan but I really wasn't prepared for it. 

Besides the first two seasons and Digimon Tamers I didn't really research for any other real life locations from other seasons. I'm not that attached to them as I am to the first three. I will probably check around Toyosu - Koto City because I like the walking path that was shown in the Digimon Xros Wars, but that's probably it. It looks like a nice place to see even without it's connection to Digimon.

In the 45th episode of Digimon Appmon you can see the Nakano Broadway (it's called Nakano Broadstreet in Digimon) and in 2017 we had a hostel in Nakano City and we went to the Broadway a few times to eat or shop and it was such a surprising feeling seeing it in Digimon and recognising it right away. Nakano Broadway is also shown in the Digimon's playstation game Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. I think the Broadway is famous for its many anime and idol goods but I had one of the best Udon soup there. 

That's pretty much everything about my "preparations". I hope it will all go as planned and to see all the locations I found and more. 

See you soon!

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Trying the new background
Thursday 4 June 2020 @ June 04, 2020
I still have a lot of time before actually going to Japan for 3 months, but I'm trying to create a blog now because of all the free time - it's 2020, corona virus is still a big deal. I was planning on going to Japan in February, but since we are not allowed to go anywhere I'm afraid I'll have to change my Japan plans. There's still hope we would actually make it next year in winter time, so let's hope for the best. 

I really loved this blog layout and I had it saved here for a long time. I also used it for my website's gallery. I made some changes - simple ones (blog sizes, avatar sizes and so on), so it looks more like a blog. I connected my blogger account to my kuramonster domain so I can have it on my own website. Before blogger I tried to make a Wordpress account/blog, because somehow it feels more profesional, but I had a problem with changing themes. Here I can do it more freely and it's easier. So I decided to change back from Wordpress to Blogger. 

I made a Kuramon background but it didn't look good at all. I was searching for one simple and beautiful Digimon picture to use it as a background. I found this one on pinterest/pixiv. It's sooo beautiful - you can check VAV's fanarts right here! The only problem with the background I have is that you can't actually see it if you use your phone, tablet or a computer with smaller screen. I made the background codes with my computer (resolution: 1600x900) and when I checked it on all the other computers/phones I saw it's not as good as I see it. So I hope you see it as good as me.

For my icon I used a Daikari Fanart from Hosigata's website. I had it saved on my computer for a long time and I just love the drawing style. Click here to visit her website!

So this should be the first post with a little shout out/credits. I hope corona will end up soon so I can go around Japan as planned to write a blog about my travel and some Digimon real life locations we will see during our time there. 

See you soon!

P.S. The Blog's name is the quote from the first movie - I really love the scene when Tai hugs Greymon with the Butterfly song in the background. And in the footer you can see another similar quote from Digimon Tri.

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