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I decided to write a blog about my travel across Japan. My sister and I decided to go to Japan for three months and research the country a little bit. Since this page is related to my Digimon Website, there will be a lot of Digimon content – since my plan is to write a little bit about the locations we can see in the Digimon franchise. If that’s why you are here, feel free to look around!

"Let us be lovely
And let us be kind,
Let us be silly and free.
It won't make us famous,
It won't make us rich,
But damnit how HAPPY we'll be."
- Edward Monkton

One of my favourite Digimon character's song, enjoy:
Toshiko Fujita (Tai) - Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (勇気を翼にして):

♡ ♡ ♡

A few more!
Friday 4 August 2023 @ August 04, 2023
Okay, as I mentioned a month ago, I plan to add some extras to the Digimon World Tour posts. In the beginning of the 40th episode of the second season, there are a few places shown that are located in Europe. Since the Digidestined don't stop at these locations and are only shown briefly, I decided to search for them and create another short post about their real-life counterparts.

The first picture is included simply to maintain an even number of pictures for aesthetic purposes. In the series, the Digidestined traveled around the world and even flew there from space. The second picture features a cabin in the woods, and being from Europe, Switzerland immediately comes to mind. It's a random cabin, so I couldn't find an exact real-life picture since there are many similar ones. The scenic Alps from Slovenia to Switzerland could resemble it. Despite not having a comparable picture, I decided to include it because I found the drawing cute and the scenery appealing.

The third picture showcases Brandenburger Tor, the famous gate in Berlin, Germany. It is one of the best-known landmarks of the country and represents not only the tumultuous histories of Germany and Europe but also symbolizes European unity and peace. I have visited Brandenburger Tor multiple times since one of my best friends lives in Germany. It's a lovely place to stroll around, and I recall being there on New Year's Eve for a Pet Shop Boys concert. There were million of people on the street, and although I arrived late and couldn't see them on stage, it was a pleasant surprise to see the gate featured in the Digimon series.

The fourth picture is located in Vienna, Austria. It showcases Schloss Schönbrunn, a magnificent palace that stands as one of the most important architectural, cultural, and historic monuments in the country. The palace has been home to several historically significant figures, but I personally associate it with Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) due to a cartoon I watched as a child. It's a beautiful palace with a charming garden, and I had the opportunity to visit it a few times during school excursions. Those were fun times!

So, these three locations were the remaining ones to be sorted, and with this post, I have completed the 'research' of the World Tour from the second season. I still have some ideas about which location I could write about next, so stay tuned!

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