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I decided to write a blog about my travel across Japan. My sister and I decided to go to Japan for three months and research the country a little bit. Since this page is related to my Digimon Website, there will be a lot of Digimon content – since my plan is to write a little bit about the locations we can see in the Digimon franchise. If that’s why you are here, feel free to look around!

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One of my favourite Digimon character's song, enjoy:
Toshiko Fujita (Tai) - Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (勇気を翼にして):

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Digimon World Tour - Moscow, Russia
Saturday 4 March 2023 @ March 04, 2023
Привет! One month ago I wrote about Digimon destined visiting France, Paris. I decided to do one post every month about real life location from every other country than Japan.  I started with France because I was there last summer and I'm continuing with Russia, which I visited back in 2017. I was mostly in Saint Petersburg but we visited Moscow for a few days. The capital city is as beautiful as they say. I have visited so many beautiful spots and places and the food was good and not so expensive.   

In the first part of Yolei and Sora's trip to Moscow we can see the famous Red square which is the oldest and largest square in Moscow. I'ts located in the eastern walls of the Kremlin. In the episode (episode 42; 02 season) we can see buildings around the Red Square (St. Basil's Cathedral, State Historical Museum, Lenin's Mausoleum, The Kremlin Wall, GUM, Cathedral Square, ...). 

Yolei and Sora meet up with Russian digidestined to destroy the dark tower and to send all Digimon back to the digital world. I love this episode, because the two of them have some troubles communicating with the Russian digidestined because of their language difference. I have been in the same situation before and playing pantomime can really saves the day.  

The two of them are mostly near Red Square so everything we see is basically next to it. The wall, Bolshoy Kamenny bridge (I'm not 100% sure it's the right bridge but it's the only one looking a bit alike with the view on the wall and the square.). For a few seconds we can also see the Lomonosov Moscow State University (which is a really majestic building and the most prestigious university in the country) from the pier. The pier doesn't look the same, bit more renovated, which makes sense since the episode came out more than 20 years ago. 

The episode continues with Sora and Yolei going somewhere north from Moscow. It looks like some kind of a national park with trees, mountains and maybe a frozen lake. They have a lot of parks like that in the  northern Russia so I couldn't really find which one (if any) is supposed to be this. 

The episode ends up with the digidestined returning back to Japan for the christmas evening. Their trip was shown as the last one of all the Digimon World tour. 

Next month I'll research another destination - Hong Kong. Kari and Izzy's part.  

I wasn't in Hong Kong (yet) but I was studying chinese language and culture and I have a personal interest in Hong Kong as a city/country. So see you next time! 

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