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I decided to write a blog about my travel across Japan. My sister and I decided to go to Japan for three months and research the country a little bit. Since this page is related to my Digimon Website, there will be a lot of Digimon content – since my plan is to write a little bit about the locations we can see in the Digimon franchise. If that’s why you are here, feel free to look around!

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It won't make us rich,
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- Edward Monkton

One of my favourite Digimon character's song, enjoy:
Toshiko Fujita (Tai) - Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (勇気を翼にして):

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Day trip to Paris, France
Saturday 4 February 2023 @ February 04, 2023

Trying to write this post already since last summer. I got a bit lazy since last year and I kept postponing it. In the autum I enrolled in another 2 year computer science college and we're learning about all these HTML, PHP codes and it gave me motivation to do something for the website.  

Last summer I went to a super duper concert in Lyon (France) and since I was already in France I decided to go to Paris once again (I just realised, the last time I went to Paris was because the same band had a concert there). This time I didn't have so much time as the last time but I still managed to see some buildings, monuments that were shown in Digimon 02, episode 41 (Digimon World Tour pt. 2). Remember the episode with T.K.'s grandfather, Versailles Palace and kidnapped Catherine Deneuve (who looks just like the french actress with the same name). 

In the beginning of the episode Tai and T.K. are dropped of Imperialdramon next to the Eiffel Tower. 

The second part of the episode starts with Tai and T.K. arriving in Paris at 4 A.M. on Christmas day. There are christmas lights all around and the two of them are standing under Arc de Triomphe and waiting for T.K.'s grandfather Michael. I know it's 4 in the morning but I'm sure Paris is a bit more alive even on christmas day. Through the day (on a summer and winter day) the monument is pretty crowded with people and cars all around. We can also see the avenue de la Grande Armee, which Michael uses to come to T.K. and Tai. In the background there are a few big buildings and I think that are the hotels you see when you cross Point de Neuilly bridge. 

I really liked how relaxed Michael was even though he knew about the world danger. The five of them (don't forget about Agumon and Patamon) go on a mission to destroy the only Dark Tower that appeared in Paris - next to Poin Alexandre III. bridge. On their way from Arc de Triomphe to the bridge they pass by the Versailles Palace (which doesn't actually makes sense since the distance between them is around 2-3km and the Palace is around 20km out of the city centre). 

The Palace is open and Michael becomes a bit suspicious and wants to investigate it although T.K. and Tai are against it. I didn't really check out the Palace since I didn't had enough time but by looking at the google photos ... the drawing of the stairs, rooms, dining hall seem accurate enough. The details from the outside park and fountain are just amazing. 

While in the Palace they manage to rescue a french digidestined (Catherine Deneuve) and her Digimon partner. Together they leave the Palace and go after the Dark Tower. On their way to the Alexandre III. bridge they pass by the church of Les Invalides and Eiffel Tower. I searched for a street that has the same view on the Eiffel Tower as in this scene but I couldn't find one. I posted one picture with the same Eiffel view but the surrounding is not the same. 

Chasing after the Dark Tower leads them to the Alexandre III. bridge where Holy Angemon destroys the tower. We can see them standing next to the stairs that leads to the bridge where other french digidestined are shown. 

You can see all the locations in the maps I created; under Digimon World Tour. You can find the link to it under navigation or just click here!

There are still a lot of other real life locations that need to be researched. I was never as interested in them since they were not located in Japan. But while writing this and actually seeing all these things in real life gave me a bit of a motivation to research all the other destinations that are mentioned in the World Tour episodes. Thinking about researching Moscow next (Sora and Yolei's trip). 

Until then, have a great time!

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