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I decided to write a blog about my travel across Japan. My sister and I decided to go to Japan for three months and research the country a little bit. Since this page is related to my Digimon Website, there will be a lot of Digimon content – since my plan is to write a little bit about the locations we can see in the Digimon franchise. If that’s why you are here, feel free to look around!

"Let us be lovely
And let us be kind,
Let us be silly and free.
It won't make us famous,
It won't make us rich,
But damnit how HAPPY we'll be."
- Edward Monkton

One of my favourite Digimon character's song, enjoy:
Toshiko Fujita (Tai) - Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (勇気を翼にして):

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Another month another destination!
Thursday 4 May 2023 @ May 04, 2023

 Hello, hello. This time we are going somewhere warm - Australia. In episode 41 (02 season) Cody and Joe go to Australia to destroy Dark Towers. For a second the two of them are shown infront of the Sydney Opera House (which is located in Sydney of course). I'ts one of the most famous and distinctive buildings of the 20th century. As an art enthusiast I wish to go there someday.   

The group goes up north to the Gold Coast to destroy yet another Dark Tower. The beach is 42km long and I was walking up and down the beach to find the right background. It was really helpful too see all the surfers around Cody and Joe so that I managed to find this suburb in the city of Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise. It's one of the largest tourist destination in Australia. They have lots of high rise apartments, night clubs, pubs, shopping malls, ... You can actually recognise the Peninsula Apartments in the background from the picture below. It's the tallest one with an interesting shape (the second tallest one to the left of the tallest one in the real life picture). 

After destroying the Dark Tower they have to go to the Great Barrier Reef because the Australian digidestined are leading Digimon there. The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system and has 900 islands.  The digidestined go to one island with Dark Tower and I used Lady Elliot island as a comparison since it's the closest island to the Gold Coast. It is relatively small just like the one we can see in the episode. They manage to destroy some coral reefs in the process of fighting other Digimon. After defeating Anomalocarimon, Australian digidestined join the group and together they send dangerous Digimon back to the digital world. 

This is also the time Joe and Cody's story ends. Four destinations down, two more to go. Next month we will have another short visit to Mexico with Matt and Ken. 

Till then! 

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